Networking Tips

  • Remember – networking is all about building relationships, not about a hard sell
  • If possible, find out who is going to the event in advance and decide who you want to meet
  • Arrive early
  • Go with a purpose
  • Act as the host not the guest
  • Ask people about themselves
  • Listen, show an interest
  • Introduce yourself effectively (practice in advance)
  • Remember to tell everyone you network with your business name
  • Sell the “sizzle” not the sausage
  • Carry a large stock of business cards, try to give everyone you meet one
  • A good way to exchange business cards is to ask for one first, and then offer yours, it shows you are interested in what they do
  • Make sure you get a business card from everyone you meet
  • Have a pen handy – write notes
  • Wear a name tag if these are provided – right hand side
  • Talk to one person at a time
  • Give a lead or referral where possible
  • Wrap up the conversation gracefully & move on
  • Stay 15 minutes after the event
  • Afterwards, record the names of new contacts in a contacts list
  • Never throw out the business cards you are given – you never know when you are going to need a contact until you need them!
  • Follow up … but don’t over promise
  • Pace yourself

More Networking Tips

  • 5 Ways to Remember Names and Faces Quickly

    1. Give the person 100% of your attention when they say their name.

    2. Try to use the person’s name at least three times during the conversation – but not like a parrot!.

    3. Don’t worry about what you’re going to say next – that is why we forget names.

    4. When you’re given a business card, look at it carefully and make an association between the person’s face and their card.

    5. Make a positive and genuine comment about their card and this will also anchor the name and the card..
  • Worried About Starting a Conversation? Questions You Could Try:

    1. What area of business are you in?

    2. How did you get started as a … / in your trade?

    3. What brings you here tonight?

    4. What did you think of the speaker?

    5. What did you learn from tonight?

    6. What contacts are you hoping to make tonight?

    7. Who are your clients?

    8. Have you been to one of these events before?

  • How to Break into a Group of Strangers

    Before breaking into a group, assess the intensity of the conversation and the body language. If it is intense do not break into this group.

    If eye contact is not intense try the following:

    • Move towards the group and make eye contact with one person in the group.

    • Ensure your body language is open.

    • Do not interrupt the flow of conversation verbally unless invited to do so.

    • Join in by using your facial expression and body language.

    • Don’t shake hands at this stage unless invited to do so.

    • Do participate in the conversation when you can add value.

    • Don’t just stand there waiting to be asked about yourself.