Mastering on-camera presence has become the new essential business skill. Whether you are on social media, giving a TED Talk, creating courses or running a conference… no matter what… you can succeed with impact, confidence and charisma!

Producer and Host Julia Myles has brought together 30+ Experts & Top Influencers who will be sharing their AMAZING TOP TIPS in an upcoming Masterclass Series Be Your Own Business Celebrity.

From 30 August to 12 September, the Masterclass Series is 14 straight days of cutting-edge strategies and inside access to experts who are there to help YOU step up and step out to become the true celebrity of your business and shine!

Here are just some of the must watch topics:

– Confidence, Presence & Influence – Mastering your Celebrity Voice with Dr Laura Sicola
– Getting Visible on Video with Kylie Lang
– Finding Your Celebrity Marketing Voice with Cheldin Barlatt Rumer
– Celebrity Style: Dressing for Your Unique Body Shape with Elsa Isaac
– Authentic Voice & Presence on Camera with Elissa Weinzimmer
– From Invisible to Invincible! How to Become the Go To Expert in Your Niche with Dr Larissa Banting
– On Camera Privacy with Adam Richardson
– How to Handle Your Fear of The Camera with Holly Gillen
– The Celebrity Way to Attract More Customers with Lee McQueen

Best of all – it’s FREE – but you have to save your seat to get access!


Learn how to get confident on camera, love your voice, and boost your visibility. You’re in for a powerful, inspiring and super helpful event! Hope to see you there!