Get More from Your Website

Do you have a Website? Do you feel good about it? Are you always meaning to ‘do something’ about it? Are you disappointed with not getting more new enquiries via your website?

If this is you, then this workshop on ‘Get More from your Website’ is the one you should go to this month! Learn how to get more web traffic, retain visitors and convert into customers.

Generating new business and new customers via your website does not always mean online shops or e-commerce websites. If you are a services based business or provide a product not for sale online, you still need generate new customers via your website. If you do need to sell your services or products online then you really need to get those results.

Learn the latest thinking on how to get customers to visit your website, contact you via your website,  and become a customer. If you know you need to improve your website performance then please come along to this workshop and learn how to do that.

All attendees will also be offered an individual review plus a possible 2 days free mentoring in conjunction with Derry City Council Business Opportunities Programme (criteria exists)

Is your website actually working for you? If the answer is no then you will benefit greatly by attending this workshop, with lunch and networking included.

Date & Time: Tues 25th March 12 -2.30pm
Venue: White Horse Hotel
Member Cost: £10.00
Non-member Cost: £15.00

Lunch is included in the cost