The Speakeasy Club – conquer your nerves and overcome your fear of public speaking

13130911_1724683261142394_8178097844247331392_oA new workshop with Sarah Travers and Camilla Long of Bespoke Communications takes place in Derry this autumn. The Speakeasy Club is a four-week workshop to help nervous public speakers to overcoming their fear of giving presentations at work. The Speakeasy Club will meet on four Monday evenings after work from 6.30pm to 8:30pm at the Everglades Hotel, starting on Monday, 26th September.

A special Women in Enterprise discount applies for all bookings received before Monday, September 19th, reducing the fee to £130.00!

Visit for full information. Enter discount code ‘FRIEND1’ on checkout to receive your discount.

The Speakeasy Club is a safe, supportive environment, where Club members can build up their skills week-on-week under the guidance of experienced mentors, Sarah Travers and Camilla Long. This is an interactive course with lots of practical work.  Speakeasy Club members will learn approaches that they can apply immediately to their own presentations.

‘The world of work is changing’, explained Sarah Travers, director of Bespoke Communications. Companies and organizations need to work together for the benefit of their customers or members. It’s often very important to persuade others to work with you, and if you can give a persuasive presentation, then you’re well on the way to success’.

Bespoke Communications partners with customers to develop powerful messaging and communications strategies to reach their audiences. They empower great communicators by offering media training, sales training, and presentation skills training. Earlier this year, Bespoke Communications partnered with the Londonderry Chamber to offer successful training courses in business skills, presentation skills and media skills.

Contact Information:

For media enquiries contact Camilla Long, Bespoke Communications, 0779 306 1357, Twitter @bespoke_comms or