World Menopause Day is held on the 18th of October every year. The purpose of the day is to raise awareness of the menopause and support options available for improving help and well-being.
This year they are focusing on bone health and its importance.

Women in Enterprise recently hosted an event with Stephanie Reid, Manager, Wellbeing & Inclusion, on Menopause madness

Stephanie Reid is a qualified Trainer with a passion for promoting positive mental health and inclusion in the workplace.

All women will go through ‘it’ at different stage, so, what is it?

Click on the link here to listen to Stephanie talk about:

• What is the menopause? The physical, psychological and emotional impact of the menopause
• Tips and advice on how to manage your symptoms
• Menopause @ Work – what can be done and what should be done.


About Stephanie Reid:

Due to her own personal experience, Stephanie is well versed when it comes to menopause and sharing tips. Her partner had prostate cancer and HRT was used as part of his treatment. Plus, her daughter had her first period at nine-and-a-half, a condition called Precocious Puberty.

Due to having a household of ranging oestrogen, including herself, Stephanie became interested in what our hormones actually do for us and “it’s a lot!” She sees menopause as a long-term health issue and has developed training for Menopause. Dedicated to spreading the word on education, resources and strategies, along with a wicked sense of humour, Stephanie says even if you don’t take HRT, there are still many things you can do to cope.

She has over 20 years’ experience working in the VCSE and private sectors in NI and the ROI.
In her role with Business in the Community, Stephanie works alongside members’ organisations to deliver training on a range of Wellbeing and Inclusion issues including the Menopause training & resources she’s developed.

Menopause is a subject she is passionate about and believes she’s just a conduit for information so that women can make empowered decisions about their long-term health. She’s an advocate of Positive Mental Health and is trained in Mindfulness and Emotional Freedom Therapy (EFT).

To learn more: or reach Stephanie directly at: