Enterprising Approach on Public Speaking for Enterprising Women – Group Hypnosis Event to Lose Your Fear of Public Speaking – unique event Tues 21st Nov 2017

Whether you run your own business or are employed by someone else, chances are you will at some point have to run meetings, address large audiences, and give business and/or sales pitches. Nervousness, sweaty palms, knocking knees, dry mouth, rapid heartbeat…these are just some of the discomforts that are all too common resulting from fear of public speaking, or “Glossophobia,” a form of Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD). In fact, public speaking is the second biggest fear – second to death – and some people would rather die that have to speak in public. (Poll from The Times, 30 Oct 2013)

Clinical Hypnotherapist, Angela Bonnar believes that overcoming fear of public speaking is easier than you think through her unique intervention of hypnotherapy. Ms. Bonnar specialises in the proven and successful hypnotherapy method of Rapid Transformational Therapy, and has a track record and high success rate of helping her clients gain confidence and overcome unwanted behaviour.

Sponsored by Women in Enterprise in Partnership with Eighty81 Creative Workspace, Ms. Bonnar led a workshop designed to help overcome the fear of public speaking, and performed a group hypnosis therapy session for all attending this unique event on the Eighty81 Creative Workspace in Ebrington Square. The evening was a great success!



Thanks to Angela Bonnar for her inspirational talk on how to lose your fear of public speaking. Thanks also to Siobhain from Eighy81 Creative Workspace for hosting the event.

About Angela Bonnar:
Angela is a Clinical Hypnotherapist and an advanced Marisa Peer Rapid Transformational Therapist. Angela’s work and expertise covers a range of issues – from weight-loss to overcoming addictions – as well as building confidence, self-esteem and attracting success. She believes the root cause of all issues is not feeling enough and is passionate about changing negative beliefs and habits. Angela hold a Diploma in Life and Business Coaching and is an NLP and EFT practitioner. She lives and works from her home in Ballycastle.

See more on her website:  www.angelabonnarhypnotherapy.co.uk


About Women In Enterprise:
Women In Enterprise is a non-profit organisation and network for professional, enterprising, and entrepreneurial women in business whether self-employed or employed. We provide peer to peer support, networking events and educational business workshops in the Derry~Londonderry area. Women In Enterprise was established in April 1998, by a group of business women who identified the benefit to their business of networking with like-minded peers. To learn more, please visit:

About Eighty81 Creative Workspace:
Eighty81 is a shared creative workspace managed by Blick Studios on behalf of The Executive Office in Ebrington Square, Derry~Londonderry. Eighty81 supports businesses in the creative industry and has created a supportive and inspiring creative hub in the heart of the city and work environment where creatives can meet and work alongside other like-minded creatives to collaborate, learn, grow and develop their businesses.

For more information, please visit: www.eightyeightyone.com