Welcome to “Good Stories” where we report on many wonderful projects and things our members are doing right now.  This week, we feature Women in Enterprise’s Co-Chair Cathy Moran who has taken advantage of the lockdown to rebrand and launch her new website…

image of Cathy Moran, Founder, Cathy Moran Recruitment

Cathy Moran, Founder, Cathy Moran Recruitment

Redefining Business: Pro-Activity in Low-Activity

Cathy has been working in recruitment for over twenty years and set up her own company over four years ago, when she launched ‘Land that Job’. Her business has been built on her USP, which is Cathy herself. For this reason, Cathy decided last year to rebrand as Cathy Moran Recruitment, as that was what people know her for.

All of Cathy’s business comes from personal referrals and recommendations due to her successful track record in sourcing candidates and meeting employers’ needs, especially in niche areas. Lockdown forced her to finalise and launch her website including a new blog highlighting current issues in the job market and functional strategies during and post pandemic; before then, she was constantly busy filling jobs, and that was her priority. Some might think that this is not the time to relaunch a recruitment business, but Cathy had already established her business and clients. The rebrand was simply the last piece of the jigsaw.

Cathy used the services of Women in Enterprise’s committee member, Patricia Greene to design her website ( Patricia’s business supports women to succeed online. This is one of the great advantages of being a member of Women in Enterprise – the people we meet, the networking and the collaboration on projects.

Screen Shots of Cathy Moran's New Website

Screen Shots of Cathy’s New Website

Cathy’s New Blog – Giving You an Edge in the Job Market Right Now!

Screen Shot of Cathy Moran's New Blog

Cathy believes that time spent nurturing your business now is an investment in the future when better times will return, and we should make the most of the quiet times we are living through to refine our businesses and ensure our offering is as attractive and effective as possible.

To see Cathy’s new website, please visit:

In the market for a new job or need a job filled? Reach her directly at: +44 7751856436 or 

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