Welcome to “Good Stories” where we report on the many wonderful projects and things our members are doing right now. This week, we feature Women in Enterprise’s Past Chair Helen McDonnell who has restructured her business model to help others during the pandemic…

Making a Difference through the Art of Mindfulness

Helen McDonnell, Founder, Indigo Life – Life Coaching

When lockdown was announced back in March, work stopped immediately for Local Coach Helen McDonnell. Delivering personal coaching and training face-to-face to individuals and businesses was no longer possible under the new guidelines. Clients were uncertain of what was happening and weren’t in the headspace for coaching. There was a lot of fear and anxiety around this surreal situation. And there was a reluctance for people to move online.

Helen started to deliver free 30 minute drop-in mindfulness sessions through Zoom to support people as they navigated the whole situation. By making the sessions accessible for everyone, she felt she could make a difference – whether you had experience of mindfulness or not – Helen created an opportunity to clear some space to be present and grounded to all who participated. “Catch Yerself On!” (the name of her wellbeing programmes) grew with people tuning into the sessions every week.

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Helen’s Zoom Sessions and Mindfulness Exercises
Attracting over 50+ Participants Globally Each Time


Being a founding member and current board member of Aware NI, the leading depression charity in Northern Ireland, Helen also ran a free 5 day mindfulness challenge to mark Mental Health Awareness Week. Mindfulness is a skill and therefore has to be practiced to be perfected. The 5 day challenge allowed people to practise and be accountable together.

After starting the free drop-in sessions at the beginning of lockdown, Helen never imagined that she could support people in this way and build an amazing ‘connected’ community – with participants from across the island and countries around the world.

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As lockdown eases and we continue to create a new way of being, Helen continues to run the online mindfulness drop-in sessions:

Morning Drop-in Mindfulness – Tuesday/ Thursday: 10am -10.30am

Evening Drop-in Mindfulness – Tuesday/ Thursday: 7pm – 7.30pm

To join Helen online and avail of any of her personal development services, including a new Mindfulness course starting 3rd June, please visit www.indigolifecoaching.com or contact Helen directly: at: +44 7719302988 or Helen@indigolifecoaching.com


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