Local woman launches appeal to feed NHS staff

A local woman who has set up an NHS Pantry to provide snacks for front line workers has said she is overwhelmed by the amount of donations the appeal has received so far. Emily McCorkell, who is better known for running local food business Lo and Slo, decided to set up the NHS Pantry to supply easily made snacks and drinks for hospital staff.

“I had been spending so much time reading about the impact of Coronavirus and how it was devastating people and countries. The medical staff are working 12 or more hours each day and I thought there must be something we can do to help them. I know nothing about medicine, but I know how to feed people. Health care staff don’t have time to heat things up, they need food they can grab and eat quickly to keep their energy up while they are on a break.”

Emily put an appeal on social media last weekend and she said the response so far has been ‘amazing’. She said that while the majority of the food will be used for hospital staff, some will also be donated to the staff in local care homes and to assist key workers who have had to leave their own homes. “Derry is a city that has already been through so much that the people have almost had a couple of practice runs dealing with trauma and chaos. When it really matters the people prove themselves.”

Donations can be made at the U3A Building in Gransha
or contact  www.facebook.com/emilyjoy.mccorkell